Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Very happy and pleased with the reception that I received"

Dawn the sales person that assisted me was very personable and she was very attentive to my needs and more importantly she understood my situation

"Super friendly and helpful"

All of the people I worked with on our purchase were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were also very engaged with my inquisitive and talkative son through the whole process. 

"Sante Fe 2017 vibrated. Morrie's eventually solved it. Thank you!"

We had a very unique transaction. We reside in HI and purchased in MN, so we did it by phone and email. We owned a 2016 Santa Fe in HI so did not want to waste time with test drives and explanations in MN. We only wanted to complete the paperwork on a 2017 Santa Fe and drive away, which is what we did. However, that created a problem because the vehicle had an annoying vibration which made us regret the purchase! We called the next day and were invited to come back (1.5 hours drive) for service a couple of days later. Upon returning, we were given a loaner so we could spend the day shopping so that was nice. At the end of the day, we returned and were told that the Service Dept could not duplicate our concern, so they just balanced the tires. We drove home (1.5 hours again) and suffered because the vibration was still annoying, in fact it was even worse. We had to return again the next day (another 1.5 hours drive) so a service tech could ride with us to verify. He did verify. Then we waited around while people wrung their hands, and the tech drove other new Santa Fe's for comparison purposes. They all had the same nasty vibration. We suggested that new tires be installed, and we suggested that it could be inherent in the AWD system. Then Morrie's became very creative. They sent us home with another loaner (another 1.5 hours) and they promised to have an employee drive to Nebraska with a new vehicle, and swap it for a FWD Santa Fe which he then drove back to MN. Wow! Then came the nasty news. We could come back two days later and pick up the FWD vehicle but we'd have to pay an additional $4,500 because our AWD vehicle was now owned by us and titled to us. More than 7 days had transpired, so Morrie's would have to buy the vehicle back from us and sell it as Certified Pre-Owned. That was a lot of salt to be pouring into our wound, and we let Morrie's know that. We were then advised to come back the following day to test drive the FWD vehicle, and also to test drive our AWD vehicle which now had a different brand of tires installed! We did return (another 1.5 hours) to drive both. Unfortunately, the FWD vehicle also vibrated (!), and our AWD vehicle vibrated only slightly now. While driving our AWD with the new tires, we decided to check the air pressure. All 4 tires were at 38 PSI, which was quite a bit higher than the 33 PSI cold pressure recommended on the door sill. We let out 5 PSI on each, and drove it some more...viola! Problem solved. So we are now satisfied with the vehicle, but we feel that we unnecessarily went through the wringer for way too long. Hopefully, Morrie's learned from our mishap, and can cure future vibration problems more easily and less costly than ours. If the crappy Korean tires that Hyundai installs are known to be an issue, Morrie's should take care of it completely at the customer's first complaint, to avoid multiple trips back to the dealership. Morrie's wants customers to "Buy Happy". Are we happy? Yes. Did Morrie's try to do extraordinary things to make us happy? You bet. Could it have been a smoother transaction? We certainly think so. Would we recommend Morrie's to others? Absolutely! At one point during the "correction phase", Morrie's let us know that the vibration problem was not their fault. True, but it was not our fault either. Of course, it was ultimately Hyundai's fault for having an unforgiving frame design, or for skimping on tire quality. We are truly grateful to Morrie's for not making us deal directly with Hyundai to solve the problem...we just wish with they had not made it necessary to come back so many times.


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